TransENVIRO is derived from the words “Transformation and Environment”. It basically means transforming all kinds of environments - natural, built, social etc.

Our Vision

TransENVIRO Design Studios holds the vision to transform and evolve spaces into socially engaging and liveable places and ecologically integrated environments. The practice also envisions contributing to the building industry’s movement towards excellence and establishing industry-wide best practices.

TransENVIRO Design Studios is a multi-disciplinary built-environment services provider with a focus on positive socio-ecological impact, innovation, quality and project performance. TEDS was founded in Sydney (Australia) as a design practice by Architects Rakhi and Vikram Saraph in 2009 and later established in Pune (India) since mid 2011. Being an international design practice, we are able to provide our clients with the best and the most updated information and consultancy to drive their projects. Our continual learning policy helps us stay in touch with the latest developments in the construction industry.

Our key skills and services are summarised below -

  • Development feasibility, planning and green conceptualisation
    • Project Finance and Investment Management
    • Project Management
    • Architectural and Interior design and documentation
    • Master Planning
  • Redevelopment and Retrofitting
    • Turnkey Interiors - Corporate / Retail / Hospitality / Health / High-end Residential
  • Documentation using 3D BIM software
    • Project experience across 5 countries - Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Malaysia, India
    • Project experience across diverse sectors - High-end residential, Cultural and Heritage buildings, Public, Industrial, Commercial interiors, Museums, Healthcare and Education

Our Commitment

We are a team of professionals with the high levels of commitment towards society and the environment. Each project and idea is delivered with a focus on Quality, Efficiency, Safety, Liveability and Ecological Sensitivity. TransENVIRO is committed to uphold its Socio-ecological responsibilities above and beyond all project-specific requirements.

Core Values and Culture

To achieve its goals, the TransENVIRO team is driven by the following core values:

    • Professional Integrity (Conduct, Time, Quality and Delivery)
    • Environmental and Social Responsibility
    • Innovation and Value Addition
    • Occupational Health and Safety
    • Performance based project delivery
    • Customer Relationship and Supply-Chain Enrichment

These core values are reflected in our everyday professional conduct (both internal and external) and every deliverable we commit to. TransENVIRO derives its enthusiasm, passion and energy to deliver each project and every idea from the core values it holds. We believe that safety comes first at all times at the workplace or on a project site.

We encourage collaborations and partnerships with our clients, suppliers, contractors and interest groups to best deliver projects and ideas. TransENVIRO constantly strives to enrich its professional relationships with other industry members to ensure key resources are effectively integrated and utilised. TBS strongly believes in continual learning and expansion of our knowledge and skills base through workplace learning and industry research initiatives. This drives the culture of innovating and adding value to every scenario we are presented and every challenge we face.

Upholding our socio-ecological responsibilities is the core building block of this practice. We do not treat this as an option, it forms part of each and every activity we do.

Strategies and Value Additions

TransENVIRO aims to fulfill its vision through successful execution of projects, ideas and initiatives that uphold its core values. To achieve this, we rely on our core strategies and value additions that underpin the organisation's operations. These define the way we work, our priorities and commitments and our attitude. This is how we drive the company.


    • Project Life-cycle Management using Building Information Modelling
    • Integrated Design and Project Management for efficient delivery
    • Applied Research, Knowledge Management and Mentoring
    • Integrating eco-friendly design principles and technologies
    • Plug-n-play teams
    • Local and International Collaborations to enhance project team core skills
    • Market positioning and focus on project performance
    • Social engagement
    • Active interactions with local groups, civic bodies and authorities

Value Additions

    • Policies and systems implemented to address Quality Assurance, Socio-ecological Impact and Risk Management
    • Eco-firendly principles and accessibility standards are always included in all projects and initiatives