TES has certain policies implemented within its organisational structure and behaviour to ensure it upholds its core values, delivers each project as per program and to establish best practices within the team and their associates. Our key policies are outlined below.

Quality Assurance

Our policy is to ensure all deliverables are of the highest standards in terms of quality, content and method of delivery. We are committed to provide an innovative product, service and/or solution without compromising on quality and performance. Our quality management system ensures consistency, efficiency, accuracy and accountability in all the processes including procurement (of consultants, contractors and suppliers), documentation, project delivery and internal operations.

Risk Management

The aim of this policy is to identify and manage risks and opportunities that directly or indirectly affect our organisation's health, performance and success. This policy applies to all our internal operations, employees, associates, contractors, clients and project-specific scenarios and forms the key force behind our decision-making strategies.

This policy is implemented at various levels within the organisation and at varying times during a project life-cycle through a range of assessments and check-points. Its integration with our quality assurance policy provides a highly robust operations mechanism, an effective management tool and a safe and enjoyable working environment.

Environmental Impact

TES is committed to minimise negative environmental impact of its activities. The aim of this policy is to identify our positive and negative impacts and optimise, minimise and/or mitigate the same to ensure we do our bit to sustain ourselves and a few others on this planet. The policy is implemented within our daily operations processes and also in the projects we seek and deliver. At TES, eco-friendly solutions are included within each project and is not an option we can select, ignore or keep for later. It forms our core value. This policy doesn't simply start and end with us, we want to spread the message and will continually strive to influence others to do their own bit and a little bit more.

Social Impact

TES is a socially aware and responsible organisation. We are in the business of transforming environments, ecological as well as social. We want to actively engage with the society to provide building services to underprivileged people and organisations, contribute towards improving liveability standards and quality of life and help civic bodies deliver better environments. Through applied research and consultancy services, TES strives to influence the construction industry to develop and establish best practices. We want to positively impact our society by engaging in heritage and cultural projects to conserve, reinstate and exhibit local history, specialities, artefacts and architecture. We are also committed to address accessibility requirements. TES wishes to collaborate with groups and societies to participate in or initiate learning and knowledge sharing activities that help empower them for a better life.